Break Up with Your Alarm Clock

Part of letting go, perhaps one of the hardest to accomplish, is waking up without an alarm clock. My mother was once shocked to learn I needed one. "You mean you don't naturally wake up the same time every day?" Then I became shocked. "You mean this is a thing? People actually wake up naturally?"

The more I practiced letting go of BS in my life, like bad drivers or really annoying coworkers, the more I realized how grand of a stress-free life that is! Total drama that is unnecessary. However, there's a catch 22 here. If we want to live more stress-free, like ALL the way, then we need to begin tackling all the other areas we're afraid to let go. And by that I mean let go of control... perfectionism.

“I slowly transitioned into a mindset of not giving a damn, in some areas. Not all though, cuz that'd pretty much mess up everything.”

How flawed! This is counterintuitive. Contradicting. Confusing to the Universe. When we let go of other areas, like that fight you got into with your sister, but not others, like setting your alarm clock at the time you need to fall asleep, you're sending a statement: I fear the Universe. I do not trust in Infinite Intelligence. I lack many things still. My body is not intelligent enough to tell me when to naturally begin releasing Melatonin, gain heavy eyes and begin to fall asleep at the same time each day.

Breaking Up is Never Fun, but Sometimes Necessary

When I mention breaking up with your alarm clock, I am mainly speaking out of principle. We block the ability to receive abundance and all that we truly desire for a nourishing life when we continue to control how people, objects, traffic, time, etc. go. Because perfectionism is coming from a mindset of lack. Lack of confidence in yourself and that you are enough, that others are, too. Lack that things will go as perfectly as needed and it will feel blissful. I'm talking about the difference between tight tension in your shoulders to feeling lightweight.

I'm a recovering perfectionist because I lived and breathed a planner. Every item had to be checked off. I had to sleep at a certain time despite not being tired, then would get angry if I tossed and turned. I had to eat the perfect diet. Copy everything my favorite business role model did, or what this self-help book told me to do. The most self-depleting one of all: I must show up to every event, saying "yes" to them all.

I don't set rules to my health (always). I simply follow the feelings that feel best and eliminate stress. This takes practice, but it's worth the journey. Sometimes an old habit will come but we can return back to listening to our guts within a few days.



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