Bitter Digestion

I mention digestion a lot because, in my opinion, proper assimilation of what's going on in your gut system is crucial to your health. I'd say health starts in the gut.

Bitter foods and beverages are beneficial to your digestion. It's really helpful in relieving constipation, especially when tasted on an empty stomach. And yes, you do see a picture of chocolate in this post. Why? Because REAL cacao, we're talking the high-percentage-no-sugar-added chocolate bars you find in the store (or the fermented preparation of the cacao seeds if you live in South America, Hawai'i or other tropical climates) is quite bitter and very healthful.

How Do Bitter Tastes Alleviate Constipation?

The moment something bitter touches your tastebuds, receptors tell the nervous system to activate digestive juices like bile, enzymes and stomach acids. So you can benefit in two ways:

1. on an empty stomach first thing in the morning -or-

2. at least 20 minutes before you sit down for a meal

All you need to do is apply something bitter to your tongue, whether it's a liquid or a small food you chew on for a bit. It doesn't take very much to activate the receptors on your tongue.

Edible arugula flowers offer a delicious bitter sweet flavor.

Types of Bitter Foods and Beverages:


-some edible flowers (like Zinnia)

-dandelion greens

-citrus peel

-generally any tincture







-some alcohol (tincture, beer or red wine)

Next time you prepare to enjoy a meal or get up in the morning, try to promote better digestion simply by chewing or tasting a teeny bit of bitter.

Just remember, a "Bit of Bitter" is better! No need to overdo it or upset the stomach in any way (especially first thing in the morning where you can feel queasy). It just takes a small amount. There's a reason why most bitter foods are not eaten as main meals.





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