Meet Meagan with a little Q & A

What got you into the health movement?

I think we're all born with health. This concept that it's something we either have or don't is pretty sad to me. It's our birthright. I'd say, since it was neither taught to me as a youth or imbedded into my culture so-to-speak, it wasn't until I had a moment of paralysis when I was 16 that BEING healthy was all that mattered.

Paralysis? Tell us more!

It came as a shock when in the middle of one night I woke up with terrible stomach pain, leaned over the toilet bowl and rather than removing whatever toxin was in me, I collapsed to the floor. I was awake, just couldn't move. I couldn't even yell for help. So I laid there until I fell asleep.

What happened when you woke up?

I woke up as if nothing had happened. Perfectly mobile. I told my parents and off for testing I went. I was tested for Leukemia, and much more but it wasn't until I turned 24 when a Hematologist finally diagnosed me with Essential Thrombocytosis after a bone marrow biopsy, a rare blood clotting disease. Told I was on the right track to have a heart attack at age 30.

We're assuming you did not have a heart attack.

I did not have a heart attack. I am proud to say that I have surpassed that by four years and plan to keep it that way for life. This experience, since a teenager, has had a dramatic influence on my lifestyle. I have a deep desire to learn, practice and constantly improve upon health. I review many studies, books, journals, growing food, mineralizing soil, relieving stress, going to workshops, lectures... my life is all about health now. I play guinea pig for many theories. 

What do you do with that knowledge now?

It's my purpose, personal legend, my mission, to share and to help anyone who desires to be the healthiest version they can be. I have, for so long, been shy and fearful to help but this is my dream. All I live and breathe and want is to grow with health and dramatically change people's lives for the better. I'm beyond over feeling limited to share. It feels so amazing to feel great about yourself, but also to help others feel great about themselves. That's why I became a Certified Nutrition Health Coach. It would be a waste to not help others. I only aim for positive results. No other way around it. This is me, forever, and I am excited!

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