"Beauty and feeling good, being totally in love with your life... it's not too good to be true. It's your birthright. Stop fabricating what you think you should look like, be like, act like. Look, be and act exactly the way that totally rocks your world. How? 


If it feels right, giddy and overwhelmingly joyful, that's you." 


Meagan Emerson,

Certified Nutrition Health Coach 


We believe we have the right to be beautiful. When we look around Nature, she has beauty without aid. If you apply chemicals to her she loses vibrancy and life. At Homesteading Health, we look at our bodies this way. We were ALL born with true beauty.


Every thing we put on our bodies and into them is shaping our image and presence. It is a mindset to believe we are only "good-looking" because of products applied. It's a mindset to believe you are loved and desired only if you are thin. There's nothing wrong with feeling beautiful, wanting to be loved, or playing with makeup and products. These are playful tools to enhance us.


However, there is a mindset where beauty meets health. This is a mindset that is naturally in tune with Nature herself.  


That is true beauty and we aim to achieve it.

This site is  about how we can achieve our true beauty by optimizing our health in natural ways, aligning with Nature. 


We will reach the highest and most authentic potential of our true beauty, vitality and happiness by living a lifestyle of good foods and active habits that keep toxins from clogging up our systems. We will learn strategies and the tools to get flatter tummies, think positively and rejuvenate our cells throughout.


We believe this means how we live our lives at home and how self-sufficient we are. We learn how to be in control.


Homesteading is about living a self-sufficient life which builds character and survival skills. Health is about optimizing survival and a quality of life. Hand-in-hand, this means homesteading and health are prime to being all-around joyful about life!


When we talk about being joyful about life, in detail we mean having a magnetic presence. You smile, you wake up like it's your birthday, and you love the person in the mirror. You live each day like it's special and want to share your time with loved ones, even strangers. You move forward and you live longer, bathed in this vitality each and every day!  




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